Michael Kasimir Painter & Graphic Artist

Themes and language of my artistic expression:

I am committed to the eternal and ever reverberating natural forces of the
universe as well as the emotional flow of human relationships – the metamorphosis
with infinitive dimensions. As soon as something new is created, a new form of
communication is born: the underlining code of life gets more and more detailed.

The circle of life continuously grows. Demands for matter develops, the power of
sexuality grows, the struggle of the sexes…. the power of Love and faith develops,
displacement, suppression happens, the rise, decay and fall of empires concludes.

Lust for Power, predominance, Power rituals, suppression, impressions, illusions,
classifications, alliances, development of hierarchical structures and the destructional
Forces born within.

Love and Joy. Chaos, Downfall and Rearrangement:  a new approach manifests itself.
Within a language of form, geometry, space and matter, alteration; all interacting
and initiating a competition of bigger and better and more glorious.