Michael Kasimir Painter & Graphic Artist

I got my first artistic inspirations playing around my grandparents house who were both respected
and unique artist in their own individual expression: Luigi Kasimir (painter and graphic
artist 1881-1962) and Tanna Kasimir (painter and graphic artist 1887-1972)
as well as my father’s guidelines Robert Kasimir  (1914-2OO1 painter and graphic artist).
From then on I just continued and never let go. Through the years at the Gymnasium at Vienna’s Stubenbastei,
my further education at Federal training and Research Institute for Graphic Art and Media
in Vienna and at work as a graphic designer in Switzerland, Germany and Austria
for numerous international advertising agencies. My true passion evolved and my art
transpired even more in detailed, colorful and expressionist modes. But my absolute favorite
and the best way form e to express my ideas is working in oil in increasingly larger formats.

I worked with watercolors and Tempera, now mainly with oilcolors. 
Exhibitions followed in Vienna, Zurich, Frankfurt, Tübingen, Chicago,
Perchtoldsdorf, Gabelhofen, Kottingbrunn, Wiener Neustadt and St.Pölten.